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Tubtex, esponjas y estropajosTubtex, esponjas y estropajosTubtex, esponjas y estropajos

is a company located in Spain that manufactures tubular fabrics, exporting worldwide. The quality of our products plus very competitive prices means that we have an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

The people who make up the team heading Tubtex are very experienced in this field which enables us to help in every aspect with any queries related to our products.

The tubular fabrics that Tubtex manufactures are used to make kitchen scouring pads, bath sponges and sponges multipurpose for general use.

Our line of kitchen scouring pads are made of quality materials that are scratch proof good for use on the most delicate surfaces and at the same time remaining exceptionally tough for kitchen, bathroom and all general household cleaning.

Our line of bath sponges woven out of raffia, cotton and sisal are ideal for personal hygiene, for use on the most sensitive of baby's skin, to the roughest and driest.
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