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Fabricación de tejidos tubulares

Material for kitchen scouring pads

The line of tubular fabrics for kitchen scouring pads and multipurpose sponges are made of polypropylene and metalized polyester.

We can produce a great variety of fabrics designed for the manufacture of sponges and multipurpose cleaning pads for the home.

The quality and effectiveness of the materials used in the manufacture of the fabrics makes a final product ideal for its strength and cleaning power that will not scratch delicate surfaces such as Teflon, Formica, glass, ceramic, aluminium.

Made of :
VER DETALLES Polypropylene
VER DETALLES Metalized Polyester
Fabricación de tejidos tubulares

Material for bath sponges

The materials raffia, cotton and sisal are used to make our line of fabrics for bath sponges.

With these materials we can create different sponges for different skin types, from the most delicate baby's to the roughest and driest.

Our tubular fabrics for bath sponges is ideal for skin care, recommended for the treatment of cellulites, exfoliating the skinand stimulating the circulation .

Made of :

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