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Fabricación de tejidos tubulares
The company
Tubtex is a young company which was created in 2001, based on continuous innovation and experience in the world of household cleaning and personal hygiene.

Our principal activity is the manufacture of tubular fabrics of diverse types: polypropylene, raffia, metalized polyester, sisal, cotton. These are the prime materials used in the confection of kitchen scouring pads, bath sponges and sponges for general multiporpose.

We have the latest equipment for producing these fabrics.

The technology used, the result of years of investigation and development, we have constructed to our own design and can assure a complete knowledge in relationship to all aspects of production.

Our eagerness to satisfy the needs of our clients and for our continued technical advancement, has led us to create a machine designed exclusively to solder sponges and scouring pads. Due to this we can enable our clients to manufacture sponges / scouring pads on their own enterprises in Spain or abroad reducing costs.


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